Our Shadchanim

Our Shadchanim

Our Shadchanim have been instrumental in hundreds of Shidduchim, whether by initiating the Shidduch and seeing it through, or by revitalizing a Shidduch that didn’t work out in the past. And then there are the many who met their Bashert elsewhere, but wouldn’t have seen its potential, or been able to follow through with it, if not for the support and mentoring of our Shadchanim.

For most of our Shadchanim, BINYAN ADEY AD is their full-time job. Over a decade of experience has taught us that full-time Shadchanim who have committed their working hours (day and night) to making Shidduchim are more effective than people who suggest Shidduchim when they have some “spare” time. Many of our Shadchanim have given up other full-time employment to join BINYAN ADEY AD.

Most of our Shadchanim were dedicated members of the former Invei Hagefen Shidduch organization, under the day to day direction of Mrs. Fruma Schiffenbauer. Fruma Schiffenbauer is Director of Operations of BINYAN ADEY AD.

Our exceptionally capable Shadchanim include Fruma Schiffenbauer, Chana Rivka Jacobs and Dassi Gottlieb, whom you may already know, among others. Our office staff is also discreet and involved in the Shidduch process.