What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Many of us have been making Shidduchim independently for decades. Over 10 years ago, we helped forge the grassroots movement which put the “Shidduch Crisis” on everyone’s radar screen. Most of us were affiliated with the former Invei Hagefen.

We understand our older “Singles” and the manifold reasons many are not yet married: Some may have no social connections, some may simply need reassurance and guidance, while the vast majority have just not yet been set up with the right person.

Our Shadchanim feel that each individual not yet married is one too many. Our Shadchanim understand the pain and loneliness of the waiting and dating process and strive to ease our Singles through the process without further exacerbating this pain.

We meet every applicant personally to better understand who you are and who might be suitable for you. We are available to assist in a myriad of ways (see Services and Resources).

We provide personal support and mentoring throughout the dating process, and work with Rabbinic and professional advisors when helpful. We also offer forums for meetings and discussions among Singles of similar interests.

For most of our Shadchanim, BINYAN ADEY AD is their full-time job.

Our Board is comprised of:

Mr. Jacob (Yaty) Weinreb, Chairman of Board
Mrs. Fruma Schiffenbauer, Director of Operations
Rabbi Yoel Kramer
Mr. Mendel Zilberberg
Mrs. Zissie Zilberberg